torsdag 8 mars 2012

Hello Germany!

Yeah! Just got the news that I will tour Germany together with the mighty Kristoffer & The Harbourheads in april, this will be the first leg of pretty intense touring plans for 2012 I´ll tell ya!
I´m really looking forward to this, gonna be such a blast!
These are the citys and venues that the boogaloo can be enjoyed for your pleasure:

17/4 Berlin @ Crystal Club
18/4 Dresden @ Beatpol
19/4 Nurnberg @ Club Stereo
20/4 Munich @ The Atomic Cafe
21/4 T.B.A.
22/4 Cologne @ Blue Shell
23/4 Hamburg @ Molotow
24/4 T.B.A.
25/4 Kiel @ Schaubude
26/4 Lubeck @Blauer Engel

Stay tuned for tickets and more info.

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