måndag 20 januari 2014


Today is the day that the EP " The Bunker Sessions " are mastered and ready for printing.
The mastering was done by Henryk Lipp at Music A Matic studios, Gothenburg Sweden.
He have worked with a string of legends such as The Hellacopters, Thåström, D.A.D. , Håkan Hellström, Blue For Two, Union Carbide Productions among many many more.

We are so psyched to have this 7 track EP with us on the European shows this spring/ summer!!
There will be some really limited versions of it in the merchbooth on the shows, so bring your hard earned money and you'll be released!!

And this weekend to come we spread the gospel at Kungs, Kungälv (sweden) on friday the 24/1 and in Helsingör (denmark) at Holger Danske Bar the 25/1.
See you all there and let's get ready to rumble!!

See you all soon lovers!

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