torsdag 6 februari 2014


Hello friends of the boogaloo!

Just starting to add up some dates for november, it's going to be so much fun this year I'll tell ya'll!!
Also "The Bunker Sessions" are getting printed as we speak!
It will be a really cool limited digipack version released early march, only to be sold at gigs or via Southern Concept.

Also in july, just in time for the shows at Meisen Frei, Stoned From The Underground & Nix En Meer there will be a vinylrelease called "Three makes one" on coloured vinyl via Nasoni Records Berlin.
It will contain songs from "The Bunker Sessions" and from my since long out of print debut "Nolo Contendere" album.
It will be in a very limited run of 300 pieces so be sure to catch your copy fast!

The 27th of march we'll do an instore show at Rock Steady Records Berlin at 17:00 sharp!
Swing on by this to get some badass boogie and some limited records while at it!
It's the perfect warm up for the show at Culture Container, Berlin later that evening.
And that show will be recorded both audio & video so put on your look sharp outfit and clear your throat to be ready sing with us.

And we are getting some airplay from all over the place, checkout Planete Indie and listen to them blasting out your favorite tunes.
The 2120's single TEN are featured in the end of the show!
Also tune at TvEnschede on tuesday february 11th, between 21:00-22:00 when they will show some love for the boogie!

There's more great great news lurking here in the back here at the boogaloo headquarters, but you'll just have to wait just a little bit more.

Spread the word of boogaloo and be good to your loved ones!

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