tisdag 11 februari 2014

Radio, Radio!

Tuesdays seems like it's a bluesradio night, in both Netherlands & Germany!
Tonight there will some airing of 3 new songs from the upcoming album "The Bunker Sessions" .

And by the way, the album also got to be CD of the week at Nix' Enschede Fm!!
Tune in to Nix to listen to two songs, Dance, Dance, Dance (v2) and Smile at trouble at 21.00 hours central european time, probably as tracks six and seven.

And also tonight, we're on the air at Bluespower, Bremerehaven with the fine stomper Same old story at 20.10 hours central european time.
You can manage to listen to both.

This tuesday started pretty, pretty nice I must say!

Loads of love!

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