torsdag 22 september 2016

Hola amigos and dudettes!

There's been a great summer, with some awesome shows & festivals
And of course some super productive moments here in the studio at the homebase.
A new album are already in the pipeline, and some new exciting studios around the world will get a visit or two during 2017.

The last two shows of  2016 is coming up!
The 8th of october I will do a soloshow as a supportact to the mighty KRISTOFFER & THE HARBOURHEADS at P. S.B. in the Swedish capitol, Stockholm.
And the 14th of october I will do another soloshow as a supportact to the equal mighty MANNHAI at SEMIFINAL in Finnish capital, Helsinki.
This will be the first time The 2120's will be in Finland so I'm really phsyched for this one!

More great news will follow shortly.

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