måndag 17 oktober 2016

What an awesome weekend!

Last friday there was time for the last show of 2016, and such a badass evening it turned out to be.
Just in time for landing on Helsinki airport i get the notice that the show was now officially soldout!!

We did'nt see that coming, but man it felt so amazing to round up this on such a high note, and also since it was 10 years since I was on Suomi soil, just amazed and forever grateful by the love and support!!
A big Big BIG hug of love to all of you that showed and joined us on this great evening!

From now on and a couple months forward I will fly under the radar, working in different studios all around the world on some new and badass songs together with some equally badass people that will put their own magic to them songs of mine.

I'll post some teasers now and then both here and on the FB page so keep checking in!
Loads of love from the capitain!

Photo  Credit:
@Donald Jordan

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