lördag 7 april 2018

Sofar Sounds!

Yes box, a couple of months ago I did this session at Sofar Sounds in Oslo, Norway.
It was a fantastic night, and while I was about to start to sing this song you are about to see, I actually was about to start to crying and got all choked up just I started to sing, thanx for my inner self that I decided to wear those shades instead of my regular glasses!
This was the forth song into the set, and it was one of those intense gigs where you could touch the feelings bouncing off everyone in the room, and there was some people in the audience who did cry right in front of me.
I did not see that coming, but that is the beauty of music, it's all about emotions!
So do enjoy this fine video from that beautiful evening in the capitol of Norway!

Soon there will be more news and videos up here, there and everywhere

Love you

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