torsdag 12 april 2018

Tour in September!

Oh yes musiclovers!
The September tour are now officially booked up, the last show was booked today.
There will be new places, and new faces and one old favorite with some old familiar faces!
The venues and cities are these ones below:

04/09 Luna Lounge, London (UK)
05/09 Sixty Sixty, London UK
25/09 The Cube, Dusseldorf (D)
26/09 Tonfink, Lubeck (D)
27/09 Artliners, Berlin (D)
28/09 Venue 219, Antwerp (B)
29/09 Crossfire, Luxemburg (LUX)

So fired up for this, it's been a while since I was touring in Europe and now it's time to get this show rollin again.
New album, new faces, old faces, old albums, I guess 2018 looks just brighter than ever!

Keep checking in lovers, more news are in the pipeline!

Love from a happy camper!

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