onsdag 31 mars 2010

Bad food,no fernet and more beers

Yes!, another day off has passed and we spent it with a lot of walking around this great city.
And after some recordshopping by the two H's i hooked up with them outside this great recordstore called FAT CAT, it's a must if you are here in town and looking for some top notch cd's & vinyls.

We we're starting to get hungry and we went for the quest for food, but for some stupid reason most of the resturants were closed or that the kitchen have'nt been opened yet, so we walked, walked even more and even some more without any success.

I said to the boys, fuck it! , let's head for the central station and all the resturants around there, and so we did.
BUT we wished that we did'nt because of our superlow sugarlevel we went for our forth pizza in five days at this incredible bad place, with zero service, superbad music blasting out loud, i first ordered a pasta pesto BUT they were out of Pesto...not such a good thing if you're runnin a italian resturant right...
So i said, give me a Funghi pizza instead...it was the worst pizza i ever tasted, ever!, Hank had some other pizza wich also tasted...nothing,as Hampus's pizza..., when you have to put salt on a pizza you know that you're in trouble right.

And Hampus has a quest for FERNET BRANCA and he almost struck gold here, just almost of course because this italian wannabe resturant was out of Fernet as well... so his search has to go on.

After that not so tasty dinner we took the tram to our hostel since it was pouring down, we bought some beers and accidently some snacks with pizza flavour (no kidding!).
We just decided to hangout at the hostel and not do some clubbing,we had a great time and met some new british friends.

Tonight there will be some jamming, we hope since we found a place that have an open stage at this bluesplace, so hopefully we will do the boogaloo tonight.
This is all for now, see you all lovers tomorrow before or actually after we played at GAINSBARRE in Tournai (B),and then it's gonna be some pic's uploaded as well.
Over and out lovers.

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Åsa sa...

Erkänn att du inväntar Jon för att kunna ladda upp foton :P