tisdag 30 mars 2010

Day off number 1

Yep, we have entered one of my absolute fave cities in the world,ANTWERP.
We checked in at the hotel,kinda low budget place but it's going to do the trick for us.
We spent most of the walking around the city,and since i've been here over ten times or so i also become the guide, showing some great bars, shops, places to eat, venues etc and just to piss off Jon who had to leave for Gothenburg yesterday morning we took a stroll through the ugly & depressing redlight area and sending him textmessages while doing that..:-)

I ran into a old friend from the AWESOME MACHINE days, Benny who runs a great club in Leuven, he have'nt changed a bit, same great bearded Benny with his John Lennon glasses!

I also had to buy myself a new phone since mine don't work in either France or Belgium,and since most of the gigs are in Belgium it could be handy to get a hold off me once in a while.

We ended up at some nice bars,and little Henk got fed up with his lovely little moustasche after a waiter called him Freddy Mercury...hahaha.
So now it's no more so to speak and he's looking like the babyboy he really is :-)

The night clerk at the hotel we are staying at...oooh my god!!!, he sleeps in the laounge area while the guests such as us sit there and drink beers & chatting with other guests, and we had to wake him up to order some more..., i guess he really takes his work seriously...

We are just kicking back today i guess, catch up on some sleep & such, i have a little sore throat so i have to go easy on the beers, since from the april first it's boogaloo for 10 shows straight!

Now i will head out on the town, daydream of my woman while searching for Henk & Hampus, they said that they know their way around here now...kinda doubtful...hahaha

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