torsdag 1 april 2010

I didn´t know...

Yeah, after some serious surfing on the internet at a cafe we decided to go and watch a movie, since it was right next door to the cafe we spent some time on.
The choice of movie was SHUTTER ISLAND, a really great movie I must say!
And since Hampus is the youngster of the gang, he only needed to pay half the price as for kids! Wicked stuff.

After that great movie we headed towards a Indian resturant for some different food for once!
And finally Hampus got his FERNET, this great resturant had what he has been seeking since we arrived here, he was a happy boy last night.

And we went for this bluesbar, KID's since they had like an open stage,Henk asked politly if there was any chance to borrow the gear and play some boogaloo, and of course it was.
We did 3 songs and got some great response from the locals, even if we're not the typical bluesband.
I watched the owner nod his head to the groove so that might be a good thing right.
Gave him a cd and we took off to the the next place.

Which ended up to be a even greater place, The CROSSROADS almost at the hotel so of course we went in for a beer.
We played some pool, chatted with the locals & i started to talk with the owner, Jan who turned out to be a real cool cat.
I gave him a cd and he put it straight on liked what he was hearing.
And he asked me, you have emailed me quiete some times right..., of course i have i said and smiled.
We might end up playing there on sunday the april 4th, it depends when we are playing in Herselt later that evening, we'll see what we come up with, maybe we can play there the 11th of april instead, I will dig into this asap.

And speaking of gigs,we got some great help from my great friend, BUX and we now have a show booked at DE RUINE in Lembeke(B) the april 5th, it feels good to have some boogaloodays coming up for sure!!!

Now Jon have arrived in Belgium again, and he's driving towards Antwerp to pick us up within two hours, then off to brother Flap's place and fetch our gear and head for tonights show at GAINSBARRE, Tournai (B).
This is all for now.
Beware of the easterbunny

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