måndag 29 mars 2010

You're not ugly, you're just unique...

We left France for now and headed towards Belgium & Turnhout.
Todays gig feels like a matine show,we are about to play at 17.00 aprox, playing at clubs at that hour always feels strange.
But it's a really great venue called COOPERVILLE, and owner is a cool cat indeed.

When we did the load in my great & dear friend Flap arrived with his lovely girlfriend Kathrien, it's so nice to meet up again, it' s been like 6 months or more since we did the second boogaloo tour together.
We did a short soundcheck,great sound today and all these great people around us, it's going to be a great matine show.
And like the great Belgium people,there ain't any decibellaws here so we could play like we use to.
It was a great show, with some really spaced out jamming parts, if we are this tight as a band after just 3 shows!, MAN think of how we are gong to sound like when we are getting on swedish soil again!!!

After the show we loaded the van,drove off to get some food since like me, i did'nt eat breakfast which meant that i had'nt been eating anything since the night before so i was starving.
All six of us went to this great Italian place we've been to before and had such a great dinner, and we had some really great laughs about Henks mustasche...

We were supposed to go out on the town, but we went to Flap & Kathrines place instead to just taking it easy, since those two lovebirds has to go up early to go to work and brother Jon has to get a flight home to do a show there during these days off.
So i guess we all passed out like the happy family we are no later then 24.00...that's rock n roll is'nt it...

Tomorrow it's day off and we will head for Antwerp and check into the hostel that are going to be our home for 3 nights.

Aweright lovers of the boogaloo,keep checking in and sooon i've figured out how to put up pictures here as well...
Looads of love

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