måndag 29 mars 2010


Yeah, we woke up kinda early, or actually i did so i had to be the daddy and wake the others, so we could do the load out kinda quick since we had to drive back to Belgium and pick up the cd's that been delayed and being express shipped down here for a little too much money that we calculated with, BUT on tour you gotta have records to sell it's all worth every penny.

I placed myself in the back of the van to open the plastic on the cd's and slip in the inlay,so that i did with aprox 400 cd's!!!
Also putted in a secret message in one of them, so that lucky one who buy this one they will have some great boogaloo coming their way.

Arrived in Bethune around 15.00 and it's a small nice town almost at the seaside, and guess what...it's cityfair in this town as well, we don' understand why it is but we think it could have something to do that they celebrate that it's summertime coming.

We went to grab something to eat since we did'nt had time for breakfast before we went for picking up the cd's.
And we had some really great laughs on ourselves since don't know how to speak french & 99% of the french people don't know how to speak english...
But we sorted it all out.

Then off to the venue, a cool small place with the capacity of maybe 100 persons,but a really nice place.
There was'nt much of PA system and only one microphone so me and Henk did our best Beatles improve while singing together in one microphone, cause can a small popband like them do it we can as well.
But during the soundcheck we experienced that the venue had decibel cutter or what's it called,when it was luder than 101 decibels it cut off the power... so we started to play the set really cool & laidback, and it did the trick since the power just went off twice :-)

They wanted 2 sets of music, so we gave them 3, which meant that i did a couple of songs on my own acousticly, and after 4 songs solo the rest of the band joined me and we plugged in again.
It was a crazy gig, since locals where soooo drunk and crazy-happy it was some interuptions with some happy birthday singing and such, but it wa all fun.
And fun thing was that the old people was partying like crazy but the younger people was taking it cool,wierd stuff but the youngsters was getting the boogaloo after a while also so then it got really crazy like it always should.
It was a very sweaty gig, butthat's how boogaloo should be right!

We got ourselves a nice hotel tonight, BUT me and Jon slept in the van since we had to do the load out after the show and i'm not the one who likes to leave a van full of instruments all alone the whole night, i've experienced some bad stuff over the years, so Henk and Hampus slept like queens at the hotel while me and Jon slept like kings in the van.
After a shower at my "not used hotelroom" we headed towards Belgium.
It' so nice that the time on the highways are never longer than 2 hours, cause sitting in the van smelling the other 3's farts is'nt that cool.

Adios for now

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