tisdag 6 april 2010


After that Jon had to do some boogaloo back home we had some days off,but today he was back on track again.
Today we headed for Mr. Flap´s place to fetch our gear and then head for Tournai (B).
It was an easy ride,just an hour and half in the boogievan.
We found the venue almost right away,and it was a really nice place, almost poshlike.

We were greated with some kisses on the cheeks on the owner, kisses on the cheeks is something they do down here and it´s nice but also comfusing since in France they do 3, in Belgium they do 2 and in Netherlands it´s just a hug & 1 kiss...wierd but nice things to experienced.

We got our gear in pretty fast and of course the food was....PIZZA! But a really tasty one so it was coolio.
While we sat and ate our food the place started to fill up, the capasity maybe was 100 people, and it wasn´t to far from that when we started to play.
And such gig it turned out to be, the people went nuts over the sound of boogaloo!
We did 3 encores and even had the sound guy dance in front of us and we sold some cd´s and even 2 hotpants to the owner!!

After the show we were getting so much free drinks so at least for me I had to pass them on to some guests since I´m a beerdrinker and not into hard spirits at all, but the boys happily drank them.
We made some really good friends here and next time will be even more insane.

When it was time to go to the hotel it was time for some really Spinal Tap moments...
We got to the adress, and walked into the place since the door was open, four drunk rock musicians on a prowl, BUT after a while Hampus says, "there is someone living here,this can´t be right!!! ", and about this that someone acutally woke up in total comfusion...hahaha.
Off we went as fast as we could.
Back to the venue and told the owner about it, so she tagged along and yes, we were at the right place BUT in the wrong room!!! We got the right rooms and I passed out within minutes.
Party and stress takes it´s toll a old man like.

We woke up way late for breakfast but the nice french lady said it was still on the table, so we had some great french/belgium breakfast before we took a stroll to the venue, since I´m also the GPS in the band, I knew were to go and to lead my hurd to the right place.

Such a great start on the second fase on the tour this thursday was!
Off to the next show in wonderful Lauwe (B)!

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