tisdag 6 april 2010

Good times!

The ride from Tournai was an even easier one, 35 minutes in the car to Lauwe! I guess I´m pretty good at booking shows without driving around on every road there is to get to the next venue.

Me & Henk has been to this great place before runned by a another lovely woman called Siska.
And Jon parked the van right outside the frontdoor so it was so handy to do the load out.
We put up our gear right away and just kicked back, we all was kinda beeted since the heavy night before so we went upstairs were we were going to stay and passed out since it was time for food,and this time we knew that today it´s going to pasta and not pizza, it´s great with some great changes in the tour food that we always get, don´t get me wrong i love pizza but not everyday and in a combination with a BIG intake of beers and having pizzas for dinner everyday is not a good thing for the figure, even on skinny dude as me!

Time for showtime, and i recognized half the audience since last time, and like the last time it was a really great show, even though we could never top the experience we had the day before, which is nothing strange.

We sold some merch, made some new friends & all.
Some of our new friends took alot of pictures so they are going to be up here pretty soon as well.

I was beated, so was Henk so we went upstairs and i fell asleep while eating crisps and drinking a soda.
Jon & Hampus stayed up A LOT longer i got superdrunk since the locals was handing them beers all the time, they also made some great photos up were we were sleeping....
Third time around at PRINS ALBERT was a real treat I´ll tell you that!.


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