fredag 9 april 2010

Sin City

We arrived in sin city, Amsterdam around noon.
Found the venue, parked the van and headed out on the town and the sun was shining on us today as well. And it was so warm you had to take your jacket off while walking the streets off Amsterdam.
It's such nice city, even though a bit to stressful for my taste.

Did a late laod in after a few misunderstandings with the promoter, then stress like hell to the hotel where we gonna lay down our beated boogaloo bodies after the show to check in and then back to venue to rockout.
The show was really really great, tonight we were actually on fire!
And we had some important guests at the show so it all felt like JIIIIHAAA!!!

Packed in our stuff in the van to head out o the town, BUT everything closes at 03.00!!!!, in Amsterdam, what's up with that??!!, are we back in sweden already or what...not even Mcdonalds or Burgerking was open...wierd...
But i guess we needed the beatysleep so off to bed we went.

Nothing crazier happend today, but it was an great night with a killer show in front of some really great & important people.
So we are happier than a pig in shit anyway!

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