tisdag 6 april 2010

Back to Belgium

Yeah, after last night crazy escapades including 96% liquor, gay men hitting on Henk and looooooads of beers we went back to the venue to pack the bus.
We had to sit and wait for Herve for some time, but as soon as he was there it went superfast to load the bus.
We were sooo hungry after last night dinner misunderstanding, so before we took off to Herselt (B) we grabbed some Mcdonalds first, I have never tasted such a great burger for a looong time if i say so, even if it´s just the old ´Donk.

We came in late to tonights gig,so the owner wasn´t that happy about it, BUT we did a fast load in, a quik soundcheck and started to do the boogaloo right away, it felt good right away and we did really good, i mean REALLY good!!
We sold around 15 cd´s and of them 6 of them was bought of the same guy ´cause he wanted his friends to have some great boogaloo as well but couldn´t come tonight.
And one cool dude didn´t even had an cd player but he bought one anyway!!! that is musiclovers!

Me and Hampus also did a acoustic set with him on percussion & harmonica, just improvised & on the spot with some of my other songs, it was very appreciated and a fun thing to do.

And since Carlo (the owner) is such a great man we got some really first class food, spared ribs, grilled chicken with fresh salad, THIS IS WHAT WE WANT EVERY NIGHT promotors :-)

And the locals was asking us if we could play some more boogaloo for them, and of course we could do that so 3 more songs were thrown in and a great jam in the end based of the Led Zeppelin song "how many more times".
And we are so much welcome back again, even that we did come in late!
After that it was partytime, again.
It was cool cause most of the most party people could be our parents or even grand parents... The people in Herselt sure know how to do the boogaloo and they have had years of practice!

After a couple of hours we headed to were we should camp out, and it was at a locals place in the woods.
It was a trip I´d say so much... and he had 3 dogs and pony in his house!!!
I was bushed so i went for bed almost right away while the rest stayed up and did some more party.

It might sound like I´m the party booper,but since all my experience over the 20 years of a touring musician i know that the thing a singer needs most are sleep to keep their voice,that´s why I´m always first in bed, nothing else and to my benefit to the young ones, I can say I done this trip a few times before...hahaha.

We woke up early when the pony was knocking on the door in true PIPPI LÅNGSTRUMP fashion to get his breakfast so we took the que and thanked Sven for his hospitality and jumped the van to drive to Lembeke (B) and have breakfast at... Mcdonalds, but i went for the healthy choice and grabbed a Ceasar salad.
It was a great choice!


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