tisdag 6 april 2010

Off to France again.

We packed the van really fast and headed for ARRAS (F), only 2 hours drive away, yeap I´m good in what i do!!!
This was looking like an really old city, loads of nice old buildings and such.
Found the venue right away,but we were there early so we just kicked back outside, we even played some acoustic songs for the people who passed by, I rehearsed some for the soloshow I´m about to do when we come back to Antwerp.
And Hampus, as the super musician he is pulled out his harmonica and we jammed along.

Met the great rockabilly band, The Honeymen who played there night before, we swapped cd´s and i really like their style since most of the rockabilly stinks if you ask me.

It was time to do the load in, small place who was runned by this BIG great fellow called Herve.
A qiuck soundcheck, the monitors & pa system was a little to weak so I got this "little richard" sound on my vocals.
Herve wanted us to 3 sets so I decided to do the first one solo, tryout some new songs and play some from the album aren´t in the setlist but still on the album.
I went on and played like 9 songs, and felt good.
Then we did our two electric sets and they were really fun and was alos up on the tables playing guitar, also did my Jimi Hendrix thing and played behind my neck since i know people like stuff like that.

We were a bit hungry,since the dinner was only 1 & a ½ COQ de Mousier for me or whatever it´s spelled.
It was the venues specialty, which is a regular toast with cheeze & ham but drenched in beer before it got toasted...
So there isn´t stranged that we had to comunicate trhough google translate...hahaha
It was good but not for dinner :-)

We stayed at a hotel a bit outside the centre so we had our own driver to take us back and forth, which was nice.

We also experienced som 96 % string alcohole, which actully burn while I got it on my skin
But i know my manners so i tasted it anyway.

Herve & the driver (and owner of the hotel) are booking a big festival here in ARRAS in june next year, OH YEEEEAH we are invited to come and spread the boogaloo then also!!

It was a really fun night with Henk getting hit by not only one BUT two gay men!.
And this is all because he shaved off his mustache...hahahaha.
so much for the Freddie Mercury thing...

Over and out for now.

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