tisdag 6 april 2010

Lembeke time

Yeah, this nights gig was the last minute booked by my friend Bux.
It´s a cool DIY place, with a tiny stage with loads of great locals.
We did a soundcheck, then just hanged out at the place while it started to fill up.
We started to rock out around 21.00 and played for some really great and happy loclas for aprox 1 hour & ½ hour.
After the show we got our food, and I went for the pizza which I ate in the bus before passing out.
I was so tired and dirty after not being able to take a shower for 4 days.
So that was the best choice i think, and of course the young ones stayed up and partied some more.

So this morning Hampus,Henk & Jon told me that they had experienced how the "REAL" De Ruine should be experienced...I´ll leave it to them to explain...hahaha

Tonight we are at this fancy hotel, just outside Geldrop where tonights show is, that shower i just took, it was worth a million dollars, I´ll tell you that!
Looking forward to play for the Dutch people again at DE KROEG, and when did the load in before we hit the hotel we met the cool owner, Terry who was soooo hungover since he celebrated his birthday yesterday.
But he seems like a really cool dude so we will celebrate him today as well.

Now I´m off to the other ones who are sitting in the sun outside the hotel and today it´s aprox 20 celcius degrees here so it´s going to be a great evening.
Loads of love from the capitain of boogaloo

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