fredag 9 april 2010

New found luxury...

Yeah! Those some days comes when you need them most.
We headed to Geldrop(nl) after a great night at DE RUINE, it was some crazy stuff to rock out there, greeeeeat vibes!
Arriving in Geldrop, the sun was shining at it was actually warm outside without that chilly wind.
Did a quick load in, then headed off to the hotel wich turned out to be a 4 star one!!! some days are like this.
We checked in and just enjoyed ourselves to have the luxury to take a bath, sleep in a nice bed and all that.
We headed back to the club after a few hours of our new found luxury.
Did the soundcheck, got some great food and then we waited for the people to show, the owner said tonight might be a slow night since the easter party he had for 3 days has taken some toll of his customers.
And he turned out be right, headed back straight to hotel after everything to just sleep and such, not hat much party today.
Still we met some great people and had a great time.


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