måndag 3 maj 2010


Yeap people! I have known this for a while but now I can confirm that I will play at GETAWAY festival, Sweden on the 10th of july.
One small artist you might have heard will also play at the same stage the same evening are a dude called Saul Hudson aka SLASH, he once played in a small rock n´ roll band called GUNS n´ROSES.
Other great bands that will play on the festival are: Airbourne, Motörhead, and the Haunted.

Looks like it will be a great weekend for the 2120´s since we also play at ÅMÅL Bluesfestival the same weekend together with way cool acts like T-Model Ford, Taildragger among others.
And I will have two different backup bands with me on these shows, on the Åmål shows I will have the mighty K. RAGNSTAM on drums since we do a duo show there and I will have the great fellas I used and abused on the last european tour at GETAWAY, gonna be wicked!!

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