onsdag 5 maj 2010


Yeah!, yesterday was one of those great rehearsels.
When I´m not doing the boogaloo with the mighty 2120´s I play some bad ass guitars with some of the best musicians I´ve come around over the years, and yesterday we added one more into that great line-up, we have had a lot of tryouts with different singers over a long period and yesterday we decided that this dude with such a great pipes & persona, Kaj was welcome onboard this boogietrain if he was into it, and of course he was!!

It feels so good to have such a great singer to front these great songs we´ve been written in the shade for quite some time.
When he´s comfortable with all the songs we´ll add some great keys as well, we know one great dude and he´s into it so in a while you´ll get his name as well.
We have´nt decided what to call the band yet, but it will come natureally during the progress I guess.

And I´m really psyched about tomorrows rehearsel with the hellraising boys I had with me on the european tour.
We will prepare ourselves for a show up in the capitol of Sweden may 13th, I´ve added two more new songs in the setlist so it will be loads of fun to play those hipshaking tunes for the fine people of Stockholm.

No it´s time for some food so over and out for now!

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